About FTCS

First Trust Capital Solutions L.P. is a holding company and the parent company of First Trust Capital Management L.P.

First Trust Capital Management

First Trust Capital Management L.P. (“FTCM”) offers a curated spectrum of alternative investments across private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, real estate, and private credit. These solutions are offered in a variety of structures across the accreditation and liquidity spectrums including interval funds, tender offer funds, private funds, and direct investments to financial professionals, family offices, and institutions.

Accreditation Spectrum

Any Client

Accreditation Spectrum


Liquid Alternatives

Mutual Funds / ETFs

First Trust Merger Arbitrage Fund

First Trust Merger Arbitrage ETF

First Trust Multi-Strategy Fund

Registered Alternatives

Interval Funds / Tender Offer Funds / Non-Traded REITS

First Trust Alternative Opportunities Fund

First Trust Private Credit Fund

First Trust Real Assets Fund

First Trust Hedged Strategies Fund

First Trust Private Assets Fund


First Trust Enhanced Private Credit Fund

FT Vest Private Funds 

First Trust Vest Hedged Equity Fund

Private Asset Platform*

Limited Partnerships / Co-Investments

Any Client

Liquidity Spectrum


Liquidity Spectrum

*First Trust Capital Management L.P. (“FTCM”) has entered into a contractual agreement with an affiliate, First Trust Portfolios L.P. (”First Trust”), to solicit investors in private funds managed by FTCM and offered through the First Trust Private Investment Platform. For private funds issued by FTCM for which First Trust is the placement agent, First Trust is paid 20% of FTCM’s management fee, performance shares or other incentive fees or allocations received by FTCM with respect to each investment in a private fund. In addition, since First Trust’s affiliate, First Trust Capital Partners LLC, owns 50% of FTCM’s parent, First Trust Capital Solutions L.P., First Trust will indirectly benefit from an increase in fees received by FTCM. Since FTCM’s management fees or other incentive fees are based upon a percentage of assets under management, the more assets under management, the higher fee income to both FTCM and First Trust. In addition, due to such compensation, First Trust has an incentive to sell private investments issued by FTCM or offered through the First Trust Private Investment Platform, resulting in a material conflict of interest which should be considered when making a decision to invest in private funds offered by or through FTCM. First Trust will not be involved in the provision of services by FTCM.

First Trust Alternative Investment Research (“FT-AIR”)

FTCS leverages an experienced research team to source managers across the alternative investment universe. Through a comprehensive due diligence process, the FT-AIR team utilizes its expertise and extensive network to source investments offering competitive risk-adjusted returns.

First Trust Innovative Technologies

A FTCS subsidiary, First Trust Innovative Technologies L.P. delivers proprietary technology, integration, and transparency leading to an intuitive and user friendly investor experience. These benefits include a streamlined subscription process, consolidated K-1 tax reporting, efficient fund reporting and administration, and reduced investment minimums.