First Trust Alternative Investment Research

First Trust Capital Solutions, LLC is a company dedicated to providing comprehensive alternative and technology solutions to financial advisors and their clients. We offer a curated spectrum of alternative investments across private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, real estate, and private credit.

These solutions are offered to financial advisors, family offices, and institutions in a variety of structures across the accreditation and liquidity spectrums including interval funds, tender offer funds, private funds, and direct investments. First Trust Capital Management, L.P. (FTCM) is an institutional allocator of alternatives, viewing all decisions through the lens of a fiduciary as we are principal investors in all of our investment vehicles.

FTCM leverages an experienced research team to source , underwrite, and monitor managers across the alternative investment universe. Through a comprehensive due diligence process, FT AIR has a track record of sourcing highly-specialized mangers that seek to provide superior risk-adjusted returns with a focus on upside opportunity and capital preservation.




Private Managers


Co-investment GPs

FT-AIR completes investment and operational due diligence in a granular, repeatable, and highly codified manner.

Value Proposition


Meets with roughly 500 managers annually across all major alternative asset classes and liquidity structures to source unique opportunities via multiple  channels.

Manager Access
& Co-Investments

Provides exclusive  approved investment  opportunities with a long  track record of
co-investment deal flow from an extensive sponsor
and partner network as a result  of longstanding  relationships and scale

Fees, Capacity
& Revenue Share

Often has fee discounts, revenue share agreements and negotiated capacity available exclusively to our private asset clients.

& Monitoring

Analyzes a large investable
universe and approves only throughly vetted opportunities.